There is a reason puzzles are typically printed with pictures on them. Humans want to connect a larger vision. It's easier to partake or put together 10,000 tiny pieces when you can see the overall design coming together.  When you partner with a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), you are actually one piece in a cohesive purchasing puzzle.

Image explaining what is a gpo
It starts with you, the members. You have a purchasing need and want to save money and time in the procurement process, so you reach out to a GPO for partnership.

The GPO combines your purchasing needs with the orders of thousands of other companies and submits them to their suppliers.

The suppliers pay a fee to the GPO for the high committed volume and business that the GPO provides and extends a discount code to their members in exchange.

UNA Purchasing Solutions partners with a nonprofit organization that fights again social injustice throughout the world called Exodus Cry.

When you partake in partnership with UNA, you aren't just saving time and money. You are playing an integral part in the bigger picture of procurement and ultimately making the world a better place.


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