How Does a GPO Work?

We're on the tail-end of that time of year when phrases like “Zero down,” “Big holiday savings,” and other promotions promising low prices are floating around. Along with visions of discounts, there is suspicion in the air. Who can you trust? What are the hidden fees? What’s the catch?

At UNA Purchasing Solutions, we value transparency. When we say, “You can save an average of 22% on your indirect and direct spend,” it’s true, and we’ll share how we can offer such a package with no catch or hidden gimmicks. We know how to save you money on your purchasing needs, and better yet, have found a way to offer it to you for free.

How do we do it?

There is power in numbers. We have billions of dollars in leveraged buying power, and when we add your company's purchasing into our leveraged buying power, we can offer higher discounts from suppliers with more value.

For example:

You need to ship a New Year package to that big client who’s been so generous this past year. You go to print your shipping label and see there’s a discount when you ship 4 or more packages. So, you ask the rest of the office to see if anyone has things to ship and take all the packages in at once. You all get the savings because of the combined shipping needs even though one order didn’t qualify for the discounted rate. That is what we do with group purchasing, just on a much larger scale.

You might not have billions of dollars of shipping needs, office supply needs or janitorial services, but when we combine your company’s order with thousands of others’ purchasing orders, this gives us the ability to secure a discount from suppliers on items you are already buying. No strings attached. No hidden fees.

How does UNA make money?

Every time you entrust your purchasing needs to UNA, we get paid a fee by the suppliers. This is because the negotiated committed volume is much more efficient and effective for larger vendors and they can reach more people through us. We use that fee to finance our services, allowing us to make membership free for all our members.

What do you gain?

In addition to economic savings, a GPO can save you time and resources. A partnership with UNA Purchasing connects you to our team of procurement experts, guaranteeing access to ongoing supply chain management support and strategy. We also provide analytics and cost-comparison analysis to ensure your company is running efficiently in regards to both cost and time.

At UNA, we realize that the opportunity for your business to save money on what you’re already buying, for free, sounds too good to be true. But let us assure you, this service is available for your benefit and is proven to save you money and time on a majority of your purchasing needs. Read what our clients have to say about our added member benefits and sign up to start saving today. Happy New Year!

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