UNA is proud to announce the promotion of one of its earliest team members, Crystal Villarreal. This change reflects UNA’s rapid growth in 2017, including nearly doubling its employees and partnering our affinity programs with numerous large associations. These successes created the need for more strategic and focused roles within UNA, starting with Crystal who will become the organization’s “Customer Experience Specialist”.

As the Customer Experience Specialist, Crystal’s primary focus will be ensuring that everyone who engages with UNA, from small businesses to world-class associations and their members, is fully leveraging our purchasing power.

Crystal has been an integral part of UNA’s growth and client-supplier connection process since October of 2015, making her a natural choice for the job. We’re thrilled to champion her as she progresses in this key role.

Prior to joining UNA, Crystal excelled in multiple administrative roles and was looking for an opportunity to further sharpen her skills. She found that in UNA. As she states in her own words:

“I really enjoy helping both customers and co-workers make their lives easier and more successful. I decided from the beginning of my career that I wanted to learn as much as I could about working in a supportive role, which is what made me want to work here at UNA.” She goes on to say “The initial draw for me was the opportunity. When I met with Anthony [President + Parter] and Daniel [VP of Sales], they not only talked about the company, what they do, how they think, etc., but they also talked about personal and professional growth. They explained how they wanted a team of hungry and motivated people who wanted to grow with the company. That was a new concept for me at the time, and it made me want to be a part of what was going on with UNA.”

Crystal’s favorite thing to do outside of work is to spend quality time with the people that she cares about. She is clearly a “person person” and it’s her love of discovering new things about people that makes her so perfect for the Customer Experience Specialist role.

I love that I've been able to see UNA grow in the 2 years I have been on the team, but it's exciting that we're still finding things to improve both for ourselves and our customers. Although we’ve worked hard for our customers, there's still so much more potential and room for improvement, and I am excited that I am able to own it.

Anthony Clervi, UNA President and Partner, stated:

We are proud to recognize Crystal’s contributions and continue to help her develop in her role. We’re in a growth phase, we’re bringing on new and larger clientele, and both our goals and team are increasing. As our company rapidly changes, it’s crucial that we zero in on people’s strengths, develop their careers, and promote overall happiness & well-being– that’s what drive’s an organization forward. My motto is, take care of your team, and your team will take care of your clients.

UNA GPO Crystal Anthony Daniel Crystal pictured center, with Daniel Kemp [UNA VP of sales – left] and Anthony Clervi [UNA President – right]