Everyone wants to play with kids and cuddle puppies. But, as any nonprofit coordinator will tell you, getting volunteers to do the dirty work is hard. The problem is if volunteers won't lick envelopes or fix appliances, staff members have to take on these tasks, which takes time away from their real jobs, the vital work.

It's why UNA volunteers as a team every six months to serve one of our nonprofit partners, doing whatever they need. It's a simple way we make our corporate responsibility commitment more than just writing a check. For our latest volunteer day, we did landscaping for Cornerstones of Care. They're an incredible nonprofit which helps at-risk children and families overcome and thrive. Keep reading to find out how you can help.

Team Volunteer Day at Cornerstones of Care UNA Cares - Corporate Responsibility Program - Partner - Cornerstone

What they do: In their own words, Cornerstones of Care “is dedicated to partnering for safe and healthy communities." Each year they help 7,000 children and families, plus an additional 4,000 community members.

What's so impressive about Cornerstones, is their holistic approach. As we spoke with their staff, it was increasingly clear how much they do. They provide graduation programs, mental health support, adoption and fostering services, and more. Even providing Christmas presents for low-income families. See ways you can support Cornerstones of Care here.

How UNA is helping: In the past, we've donated practical items, but recently we got the chance to get our hands dirty. We spent a morning landscaping one of Cornerstone's campuses, doing everything from weeding to raking leaves, to trimming bushes. Not to mention pulling up up a dead tree.

UNA Cares_ Cleaning Up Cornerstones of Care

UNA Cares_ Cleaning Up Cornerstones of Care_Team

Behold Brian and his superhuman-strength.

Watch the full-sized video here


Volunteering reminded us that UNA is about more than just making our customers happy. As a result, it makes going to work that much more meaningful.

How is your business serving? We'd love to hear about it, let us know in the comments.


How You Can Support Cornerstones of Care


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