With each passing day, we see countless headlines revolving around the COVID-19 crisis, most of them frightening or highly concerning at best.  It is difficult to find happiness in a day, hunkered down in our homes, but let's be grateful and provide joy for others through much needed donations.

Schools have extended Spring Break, planned for e-learning at home, and now in Kansas, school is canceled through the remainder of the year.  What would normally be great news for children getting to skip school is now some of the worst fears for parents who cannot afford the meals that schools were providing.

When we heard the news of extended school closures, we decided we had to help the kids of Kansas City through our Una Cares program.  Focused on providing resources to disadvantaged youth in our community, Una Cares sought to donate to two local nonprofits dedicated to providing meals to children who desperately need it.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City

As one of the most well-known and respected nonprofits benefitting children in Kansas City, BGCGKC is an ideal organization to support.  With 8 club locations spread across the metropolitan area, their after-school programs have been making a big impact for over 100 years.

BGCGKC2 copy

Without skipping a beat, they put together a food pick-up and delivery program that began serving several hundred people each day this week, and they are anticipating that it grow to at least 1,000 each day as the word spreads.  As the need for food rises, they are expanding their program to breakfast and dinner, with take-home snacks as well.

In addition to the incredible need for food, BGCGKC is making daily welfare checks on children and their families, and providing resource packets to help maintain learning while school is out.

Want to join us in making a difference for the kids of KC?  Donate directly to the clubs here.


Making a big impact for Kansas City and its surrounding areas is Harvesters, a food bank serving 26 counties and distributing food to 760 nonprofit agencies.  Using a very familiar procurement model to Una, Harvesters leverages its buying power to purchase food in bulk, making every dollar go further.


With every dollar donated, 3 meals are provided to families in need.  With that kind of impact, Harvesters has attracted the attention of Chiefs players and some big business owners to publicly donate and encourage others to do the same.

If you'd like to help Harvesters reach more people in need, you can donate online here.

Make a difference for kids in KC

Una Cares was able to put together a $5,000 donation for BGCGKC and a $7,500 donation for Harvesters, going above and beyond our quarterly giving schedule.  These two organizations are depending on the support of our city and beyond to help meet the overwhelming need in our community.

Please consider donating if you are able, and share this message with anyone wanting to make a difference for families in Kansas City during this very tough time.

Una is committed to writing a story larger than ourselves. Read more about our Una Cares Initiative here.

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