It’s pretty ridiculous how dependent I am on my phone when I travel for work. In case I’d ever had any doubts, one fateful business trip proved it when my cellphone inexplicably died. I couldn’t find my hotel confirmation, couldn’t navigate around town, or communicate with my team. It was a nightmare.

My guess is, I’m not alone. Like it or not, we're all pretty helpless without these innocuous pieces of plastic.

If you go on many work trips, you probably follow the business travel blog C Boarding Group. As you should, because their content is top-notch. They’re always putting out great blogs on practical ways you can make your trips more enjoyable and efficient.

So I was thrilled when I got a chance to write a guest post for them. Given my own business travel experience, I knew it would have to be about phones. More specifically, the Essential Apps Every Business Traveler Should Have.

The piece covers the best apps for saving any business traveler’s sanity. Half will help you stay focused and efficient throughout your journey. The rest will help you survive the flights when small children decide to keep themselves entertained by kicking your chair. Best of all, most of the apps are free.

Below is a quick preview of the article.

Best Productive AppIf You Travel for Business, You Need These Apps On Your Phone_Best Productive_CamCard_App

You probably get business cards all the time, only to put them in a pocket or briefcase, never to be found again. If so, CamCard is for you. It lets you painlessly scan and store any business card. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0

Best Fun AppIf You Travel for Business, You Need These Apps On Your Phone_Best Fun_Libby_App

Everyone knows you can get audiobooks on Audible, and eBooks on Kindle. What most people don’t know, is you can get countless audiobooks and eBooks for free. Simply use your local library app. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0.

See the rest of the apps in the full article here

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