Being a leader in strategic sourcing means you're thinking not only about where your organization is, but where it should be. It means you're always keeping an eye out for the best procurement thought leadership, conferences, and resources

As a group purchasing organization (GPO), Una knows that group purchasing is only one piece of your overall procurement strategy. It's important to take a holistic approach to procurement which means utilizing a variety of vendors and outside resources to help formulate and execute a procurement plan.

But let's be honest, too often so-called procurement "insights," are nothing more than self-serving sales ads. They don't actually solve your problems or empower you to do your job. If you're anything like us, you're pretty picky about what you read and who you follow – as you should be. So, to help you find the best industry secrets, we've compiled a quick list of the top three most innovative and fearless procurement leaders. If you haven't already followed them, you should add them now. You won't regret it.

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Three of the Best Procurement Leaders to Follow

Making this list was difficult since there are so many excellent procurement publications out there. However, we honed in on the following three, for their quality of content, unique format, and profound perspective. While they all do some sponsored and gated content, the bulk of their work is free, genuinely insightful, and easy to access. 

Art of Procurement

Art of Procurement Logo.-png

There's a reason the Art of Procurement podcast has a 5-star iTunes rating. And it's not just because the host has a charming English accent. It's because they interview the best in the industry, such as sourcing heads of major brands like Coca-Cola, and geniuses like Steve Wozniak

The podcast covers everything from how to hire for EQ, to the decision points on the journey to becoming a CPO. Not to mention the tried and tested pillars of procurement transformation

Simply put, if you only subscribe to one of these publications, make it the Art of Procurement. (Though to be fair, we may be a bit biased since our CEO Anthony Clervi recently starred on their podcast). Their newsletter is also fantastic. They send out great roundups of the best procurement articles they've found, explaining why they're important. Bonus, don't forget to check out their blogs and podcast transcripts. Both are rich resources.


Our favorite thing about Procurious is their fun, playful approach. While procurement is terrific, it can also be a bit... shall we say, dry? Much of the thought leadership on the market is very formal, very appropriate, and very dull. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it certainly makes Procurious a breath of fresh air. The blog titles alone should be to entice you. "What Can Yoda Teach Us About the Kraljic Matrix?," for example. Or "How to Cope When You're Working for Someone Half Your Age," and "Why Do Introverts Make Great CPOs?"

Procurious is a little bit like LinkedIn, but specifically for people in procurement and supply chain. It's part content machine, part networking platform. It allows you to build your knowledge and collaborate with industry peers. They also have a fantastic blog, learning videos, and discussion forums. The forums are perfect for asking questions and getting peer feedback. They even have a news section which highlights some of the best new articles floating around the web.  

If you want to laugh while you learn, it's worth following. 

Procurement Leaders 

Procurement Leaders Approved Logo

Procurement Leaders provides a distinctly global perspective. They're a worthy publication with a broad blog including articles on everything from what CPOs can do to drive change to why future leaders must deliver digitalization to succeed in their role.

They also offer a library of free resources, many of which include research-heavy white papers/reports. For example, their research includes intriguing statistics on how leaders currently prioritize the digitization of procurement and why "CPOs should invest more time with their junior staff who may be better able to identify trends and spot gaps in internal capabilities."

Procurement Leaders also hosts some great webinars on topics such as the talent crisis in procurement and how to effect sustainable change in your supply chain.

When you're looking to geek out on some quality strategic sourcing research, this is the perfect place to go.

More Strategic Sourcing Thought Leaders

Below are some additional procurement publications (in no particular order) you might want to check out.  

Need additional procurement assistance? Una can help. Reach out to our team of expert sourcing advisors to take advantage of the power of group purchasing.

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