Customer Spotlight: Savvik Is Increasing Membership Reach With UNA

We're betting that when you're looking for a new product or service, you really don't want to hear a sales pitch, you care about what real customers say. You're not alone, 85% of consumers said they read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business. That's why we're launching our Customer Spotlight Series, featuring interviews with real clients and the reasons why they decided to partner with UNA, how they've leveraged our partnership, and the success ROI they've seen.

Today we're featuring a video from Savvik Buying Group where Executive Director Mickey Schulte describes how UNA helped his team save money, grow their platform, and increase membership reach.


Customer Spotlight: Savvik Buying Group 

Industry: Public Safety

Challenge: As a nonprofit serving over 5,000 safety services providers, Savvik Buying Group was stretched thin on a regular basis. Savvik’s mission was to provide the best contracts to the entire public safety sector. Helping agencies like Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire departments, law enforcement, and hospitals get the best price on the supplies they required without any hassle was the foundation of Savvik’s mission. The problem was, Savvik didn’t have the resources to find and negotiate all the agreements they needed.  

UNA results: Access to bigger and better contracts that were previously out of reach, additional membership benefits, increased financial savings, and less time wasted negotiating agreements.

See full-size video here 

UNA ROI summary

✓ Increased buying power

✓ Upgraded contract portfolio

✓ Expanded membership reach

✓ Monetary savings

✓ Pre-negotiated agreements

“UNA has been an integral part of growing our platform and reaching
our membership. I would recommend UNA to anyone.”
- Mickey Schulte, Executive Director at Savvik Buying Group 

Read the full case study or read more reviews here.

Big thank you to the whole Savvik team for letting us share your story!  We're thrilled to watch your success and proud to be your partner.

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