What if you could save money on food purchasing while increasing operational efficiency, all without sacrificing quality or adding to administrative burdens?

By joining a group purchasing organization, or GPO, you’re gaining a partner dedicated to saving you money and time for no added cost or commitment.

Across foodservice channels, GPOs use collective buying power to obtain significant discounts from vendors while helping to increase your company’s productivity in procurement processes. GPOs have developed some innovative contracting practices that offer participating organizations considerable savings and volume discounts.

How GPOs Save on Food Purchasing

Foodservice operators can access lower cost and service agreements to reduce their food supply expenses without sacrificing quality suppliers. A GPO will act as a partner for your company that can leverage existing agreements to yield greater cost savings, relieving administrative burdens on your internal procurement team.

UNA has access to billions of dollars worth of purchasing power through existing partnerships, which means partnering with UNA gains you that leverage as well. Overall, a GPO can provide your company benefits that add to bottom-line profits without costing you a dime.

GPOs work with the vendors directly, so you don't have to. Where your company alone might not have the purchasing volume to qualify for substantial discounts, a GPO can negotiate with suppliers using the pooled purchasing power of thousands of companies to get you significant discounts on your food purchasing needs.

The UNA contract portfolio includes dozens of highly competitive contracts with well-known and trusted suppliers, such as US Foods. By partnering with us, you gain access to these contracts at no added cost to your company.

Lower Prices
Simply put, joining a GPO will save your organization money in food purchasing. UNA has proven programs to help control costs in every department within your organization. Whether you need a contract for food supply or copy paper, UNA Purchasing has a contracting solution for you that will save money.

Need Proof?

In Technomic's GPO Assessment and Outlook Update report, experts forecast an estimated GPO growth rate of 4-6% each year through 2017. The food service industry is responding to these growth opportunities, "with nearly 60%of suppliers identifying GPOs as strategic partners." 

group purchasing organizations food service
2015 GPO Assessment and Outlook Update

"The GPOs serving foodservice operators today include a diverse collection of organizations; diverse in size, practices, capabilities, membership, organizational history, background, management philosophy, segment focus, and strategic plans, among other things," observes Gary Karp, executive vice president of Technomic.

Technomic’s report distinguishes the different types of GPOs and suggests a strategic framework for the future of foodservice industries. Read the report to find out more benefits the food industry can gain from partnering with a GPO!

As a food service operator, we realize you’ve got a lot on your plate. If you are looking for a way to save money on food costs, joining a GPO like UNA will help. Find out how we can cut costs and improve your company’s efficiency today!

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