As the country begins to open up and businesses begin preparations for employees to return, we find ourselves in unknown territory. Yes, we've dealt with some horrendous flu seasons, but a worldwide pandemic? Many organizations have found themselves scrambling for the right solutions after their supply chains have taken big hits.

For those of us lucky enough to have an office to return to, there still lies a myriad of issues to address:

  • With disinfecting supplies at such a high demand, how will your organization secure disinfection solutions and how will workspaces be prepared for your employees' safe return? 
  • Will you require your employees to bring their own protective gear and risk the possibility of faulty protection or will you provide approved masks and gloves? 
  • Are you planning to conduct health screenings for employees returning?
  • Does your workspace need safety barriers or social distancing signage installed?

These questions pose some serious hurdles for returning to work, and we're here to help. Below is our first round of resources that we recommend for businesses preparing to reopen, as well as a Sourcing Checklist to get you started.

Preparation Guides

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Supplier Partner Solutions

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Sourcing is Easier with Una

Feeling overwhelmed knowing how much needs to be done? We can help you knock a few things off your list before your business reopens and help you save money in the process.  If your business has already reopened and you need help finding ways to reduce indirect spend or redefine your procurement strategies, now is the time to take action.

Drop us your contact info in the form below and an expert sourcing advisor will reach out within a business day to find out how best we can help you begin preparing to return to work.

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