New brand, who dis?

When you look good, you feel good.  We've been feeling great for some time now and would like to officially welcome you to the new Una! 

It's been quite a journey to arrive here, with many late nights, re-designs and dozens of  "a-ha!" moments when dots were finally connected.  And you're probably wondering, "why a rebrand when you were already so amazing?".  That's a valid question.  The easy answer is: we did it for you.


Finding Our Voice & Reclaiming Our Mission

While the old brand was fine, there was still some disconnect between us and the innovators within the procurement industry.  The first step was recognizing that it was the procurement trailblazers (Sourcing Heroes, if you will) that we wanted to work with. 

Yes, we know, how could we not know who we should be working with?  

Most people think that knowing is half the battle, but let me tell you, it's actually closer to 95% of the battle and it's the reason that so many businesses fail.  It's hard to know who your tribe, squad, or people are if you don't know yourself first.  So we looked inward at the collective of dynamic personalities that make up Una to find our voice.

We are bright, resourceful, and helpful people.  We genuinely care about our members, suppliers, our community and of course, our team.  Our mission is to empower procurement leaders through the evolving landscape of sourcing. 

We take an advisory position in every conversation, and this could mean that our model as a Group Purchasing Organization is a great supplement to your cost-effective procurement program, or it could mean that we find a better fit for you elsewhere.  

Your bottom line is our bottom line.  It's as simple as that.

This is the heart of our brand and our business.

The New Look

Now that you know why we rebranded, let's dig in to the details of that new logo!

Is it a flower?  A rocket ship?  An ancient symbol representing group purchasing organizations?  

While the answer is closer to an ancient symbol, it's more like a doodle version of our name's origin.  Una means 'together' in latin, and there's a latin symbol for together that is strikingly similar to the final logo design.  It's our take on the flexible and unifying balance we create between our members and suppliers.


More Than a Logo

A new logo and color palette is definitely a fun part of rebranding, but those elements cannot define the brand.  Una is more than a logo, a tagline, or even a new message.  You are the Sourcing Hero and we are your partner in procurement.  You can expect to see us on the sidelines cheering you on through your biggest victories.  (U-N-A YAY!)  

The best part is that we are the same, energetic team behind the brand, and you can still expect a world-class experience working with us.  Curious about this incredibly talented group of individuals?  Our About Page is a good start, but feel free to reach out any time!


Empowering Procurement:

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