Finding genuinely helpful content in the procurement space is easier said than done. Sure, there’s a wealth of outdated information, vague predictions, and thinly veiled sales ads, but not much expert, actionable content. It’s even more challenging to find resources tailored to your role and interests.

High quality is why we’re such big fans of Philip Ideson’s Art of Procurement podcast. We’ve followed the show for years, and the content is among the absolute best we’ve found in the world of purchasing and procurement. UNA is not being paid or incentivized to share this recommendation; it’s just too good to keep to ourselves.

We’re even more excited about Nudge, which is Art of Procurement’s new microlearning platform. Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like and why it’s so unique.


Why the Nudge Platform Is Different

Art of Procurement Nudge Platform Logo

Because UNA is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), we work to find the industry’s best resources, not only to use for our in-house efforts but to share with our clients and followers. But, cutting through the clutter is difficult. Here are a few of the problems we’ve experienced when it comes to finding beneficial procurement training, do they sound familiar?

  • You want to grow your skillset but don’t have the time
  • The only way to get expert tips is to sign up for an intensive course
  • You can’t find relevant information when it’s needed  
  • Too many publications are full of sales-focused or “sponsored” content
  • So-called “thought leadership” is redundant or ambiguous, and doesn’t offer real solutions

That’s what makes the Nudge platform so different. It was explicitly designed for sourcing professionals who want practical, highly relevant information, that’s easy to consume. The courses are broken down into biweekly lessons which you can complete in 15 minutes or less.

Here’s how Nudge works. First, you chose your “persona.” The personas are your role in your organization or the “path” you want to take; they include The Catalyst, Coach, Builder, Architect, etc. Each one has specific learning outcomes and tailored content. It looks like this:

Paths_Art of Procurement Nudge

Unlike other platforms, there’s no information overload. The lessons are short, and each includes practical action items and next steps.

Weekly_Breakdown_Art of_Procurement Nudge

Plus, new content is published every two weeks. There’s also a place to take notes, share what you’ve learned, and ask the moderator or group a question. The pricing is a great value as well.

Forum_Art of Procurement Nudge

The best part is, it’s designed for procurement professionals who want to learn but don’t have three hours a day to dedicate to it.


Nudge: What You Get 

In summary, here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • Weekly bite-sized learning activities (complete in 15 minutes or less)
  • Tips from vetted procurement experts
  • Top-notch advice that’s specific to your role
  • Clear takeaways and practicals on how to apply what you learn
  • Each week’s lesson includes:
    • Great articles/posts
    • Why you should read it
    • Questions to ask yourself
    • Action items
    • How to “dig deeper”
    • A forum for asking questions (address group or moderator)
    • A place to takes notes and share them with your team  
  • New content every two weeks
  • Pricing that’s far more cost-effective than most types of training

Learn more here. Or, if you’re still not convinced, check out the Art of Procurement podcast and blog, you’ll get a great taste of what you can expect.

Make 2019 the year that you find procurement training you’ll actually use.


Find out how UNA can help you improve your procurement strategy. 

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