Between gifts, parties, and travel, your wallet has probably taken a holiday hit. Don’t worry, when it comes to your business purchasing needs, we’ve got you covered. As a gift to ring in the new year, we have packaged up three ways to keep more money in your pockets. Gear up for 2017 with savings to invest back in the company or simply have more options for how you use your resources. Enjoy our top saving contracts and learn how to apply those contracts to have the biggest impact on your bottom line for the year to come.

Office Supplies

$400,000 annual spend + UNA Purchasing Savings of 20% = a value of $80,000.

There is no way around it; businesses need office supplies. Luckily, we have a savings solution that will not only cut costs but provide you with top-of-the-line supplies for your office supply requirements. With our Staples Program, you can save an average of 20% off standard list rates and as high as 45% off listed price, enjoy free shipping on orders over $50, and much more. Our members also get discounts on other services such as janitorial supplies, furniture, office equipment, and managed services.



UNA Purchasing Savings an Average of 23% Below Public Priced Sites

No matter how big or small, your company can now access corporate discount rates at over 100,000 hotels across North and South America and Europe. There are no membership fees or volume requirements, and businesses will save time and gain insight through Hotel Engine’s free spending analytics and expense management tools. If you don’t have business travel needs, Hotel Engine can be offered as an employee perk. Members can enjoy discounts that range between 10-60% off, averaging a 23% saving below public priced sites.


Small Parcel Shipping

$1,250,000 annual spend. UNA Purchasing Savings of 20%. The value of $250,000.

Most businesses would say that shipping is an important but tedious part of their business. Finding a reliable shipping solution can take an investment of both time and money. Using our FedEx Shipping Program, you can send packages conveniently while getting some of the lowest shipping rates available on air, ground, exporting, and freight. There are no minimum shipping requirements, and you can save an average of 20% off standard list rates, and as high as 55% off listed shipping rates.

If you missed out on these savings last year, it’s not too late. In 2017 we are offering these programs and contracts as well as many others to help our members get the measurable results they are looking for in 2017.

Bring in the new year by partnering with UNA to save an average of 22% on your purchasing needs.

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