You know that by partnering with UNA Purchasing Solutions, you can save an average of 22% on goods and services your company is purchasing. You know that our selected suppliers are among the top rated in the country and the exclusive member discounts we leverage on behalf of our members are unbeatable. It’s one thing to know the facts and another to hear first-hand from someone who has reaped the benefits.

Since we started working with UNA and Supply Works, we have been able to get our product and supplies with a maximum two-day turnaround, allowing us to better serve our customers and have received outstanding support from Supply Works. I am proud of our decision to partner with UNA as their culture and core values align with Service Management Systems.

Mike Wein is the President of Service Management Systems and a member of UNA Purchasing Solutions. SMS is one of the nation’s premier facility services management companies, achieving exceptional revenue growth through a commitment to quality and excellence in both its people and services. Since the company’s founding in 1988, SMS offers a unique program of housekeeping and maintenance services designed to provide large, public buildings with a strong and experienced facility services team. As such, it is important SMS has their purchasing running as efficiently as possible.

We love to hear from our members just how is working for their company! Mike mentioned Supply Works, which is just one of our many select suppliers. For your benefit, we partner with dozens of vendors specializing in small parcel shipping, corporate travel, janitorial services, office supplies, food distribution, office equipment, and more. Moreover, if you are in need of something we don’t already offer, our dedicated staff is here to work with your procurement team to ensure you get exactly what you need at the best available price point.

Partnering with UNA is not only cost-efficient, it's also a way to extend your internal procurement team and expertise to include billions in purchasing power with the attention and customer support of our group purchasing experts. Getting started is quick, and our services are free with no required committed volume. Let’s get started saving you money today!

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