This series includes articles dedicated to Procurement Skills of a Sourcing Hero, Data Challenges, Innovation, Looking Beyond Cost, Market Intelligence, Maverick Spend, Supplier KPIs, Supply Chain Disruption, and Transparency.

The Sourcing Hero

It's synonymous with terms like procurement manager, sourcing specialist, and procurement consultant. The Sourcing Hero is Una's take on the procurement professional who is tasked with running a lean procurement team, developing strategy, and executing the plan. It’s someone who continually saves the day and strives to better their organization.

The goals of a Sourcing Hero vary but we’ve found that most are struggling to develop and execute sourcing strategies for each category while delivering value beyond cost-savings. They are searching for turn-key solutions that they wouldn’t have the time or resources to create otherwise.

Feel Empowered

We’re on a mission to empower Sourcing Heroes to save them money, time, and effort. While building a relationship with the right group purchasing organization is a way to achieve those savings, we know group purchasing is only one piece of the puzzle. We understand there are a number of other pain points you encounter when it comes to forming an overall procurement strategy.

With that, we have put together The Sourcing Hero's Field Guide to Procurement, a series of articles each addressing common issues you face daily and ways to tackle them one by one. 

This series was designed in hopes that you discover new ways to solve your procurement challenges. We hope it serves as a resource to help you explore each pain point, ask questions and take away valuable information that will help you grow in your role. We want you to use this series as a way to find your cape, put it on, and be the Sourcing Hero you were meant to be.

Read more from The Sourcing Hero's Field Guide to Procurement:

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