As a small business owner, it’s essential that you feel you are getting the best quality goods and services at the lowest possible price point. However, without high volume purchase ordering, it can be challenging to get deep discounts from vendors.  This is where a group purchasing organization, also known as a GPO, can be of help!

Group buying is beneficial for small businesses because it provides a partner solely dedicated to collective purchasing, ensuring you get what you need at the best price available. We realize that joining a group purchasing organization is a big decision for a small business, so we are answering the most commonly asked questions surrounding group buying.

Why Group Buying?

Perhaps you don't have millions of dollars worth of purchasing needs, but a GPO can combine your order with thousands of other companies to leverage large group discounts from major vendors like FedEx and Best Buy. We negotiate and sign contracts with suppliers that can cut your cost significantly thanks to our collective purchasing power.

Group buying broadens your network of suppliers, giving your business a larger pool of suppliers and prices to choose from. UNA has partnered with Vizient, one of the largest GPOs in America, to provide $100 billion in combined annual purchasing power. As such, we combine the connections of an extensive network of nationally recognized suppliers with the reliable customer care of a small business. Not only do we help connect you to this larger network, but we also help streamline the communication process between you and the supplier to save you the hassle.

Price Savings
A group purchasing organization like UNA offers your company a lower cost on your purchasing needs without charging you a dime. While a lower price point isn’t our only value add, it certainly is a compelling one! We save our clients an average of 22% off of their purchase orders!

What Does It Cost to Join?

Signing up for UNA Purchasing Solutions is free, and participation is voluntary. This is because the negotiated committed volume is much more efficient for major suppliers, and they want our business to reach our customers. Those suppliers finance our services, allowing us to make membership free for our members.

Where do I sign up?

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