No matter the size of your company, your time is precious. With reliable resources and a stable process in play, productivity can go through the roof. Your wireless service is a powerful tool that can make or break your company’s productivity.

What if you could get a top-rated mobile business plan at a discount with no cost or commitment from your company? Well, now you can. With the UNA Purchasing Solutions AT&T Business Plan, you have access to one of the best wireless service providers worldwide while saving 22% on monthly service charges.

Besides the obvious cost savings, your company will enjoy, you can also see an increase in productivity with the enhanced quality of service AT&T provides.


Four Ways to Drive Productivity with Great Wireless Service

1. Improve efficiency through speedy and reliable connectivity.

Don’t waste time trying to get a hold of a traveling co-worker. With reliable wireless, you can have quick access to employees or clients worldwide with no hindrance. Imagine clear connection, free of splotchy service or no cell zones. Now you can hold conference calls, send emails, and work remotely by taking advantage of a discounted mobile business plan.

2. Get connected to the information you need when you need it.

Internal or external, people want quick answers. An excellent wireless service can connect you not only to the people who need you most but to the information you need most. Get access to the world-wide-web at the touch of a button, no matter where you are with AT&T’s LTE network.

3. Enhanced Customer Service by being accessible anytime, anywhere.

Grant your customers some peace of mind with a secure network and speedy access to support. Business partners and employees can access the information they need with reliable wireless, resulting in happy customers and workers.

4. Streamline your processes and mobility.

Widen the scope of your process with wireless. Now hard-to-reach places, like warehouses, can tap into a wireless process system. Manage all areas within your company regardless of geographic proximity to a server, improving efficiency and connectivity.


Get the best for less

You can have access to one of the top-rated wireless service providers worldwide and save 22% on monthly service charges. With the UNA Purchasing AT&T wireless plan, your company can increase productivity with the nation's' strongest LTE network at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits of our contract with AT&T (besides the incredible savings) are as follows:

  • Flexible contract terms and no-contract options make transitioning risk-free!
  • You have the choice of visiting any AT&T store or purchasing online
  • Access to the nation’s strongest LTE signal
  • Truly shareable data on up to 10 phones, tablets, and other wireless devices
  • Rollover DataSM with AT&T Mobile ShareSM Value Plans

Why take a risk on something which your business so heavily relies on? Go with the server that has the strongest LTE network at the lowest available prices. Sign up for the AT&T program takes minutes, and there is no cost or commitment to you. So you can start saving on your wireless service and boost your company’s productivity today!

*Disclaimer: 10-employee minimum to access this discount

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