Recently we had the chance to work with Procurify, a leading procurement software company, to chat all things procurement on their Spend Culture podcast.  Throughout the conversation, Una CEO, Anthony Clervi, and the host, Tori Clarke, discuss the ideal GPO relationship, the evolution of spend culture and how an organization's C-Suite can empower sourcing heroes. 

Listening Guide:

  • [00:12:10] Anthony's take on the evolution of Spend Culture
  • [00:15:32] The benefits of using a group purchasing organization
  • [00:17:18] Differences between vertical and horizontal GPOs
  • [00:18:36] What the ideal GPO relationship looks like
  • [00:20:59] How can leaders within an organization empower procurement?

We'd like to thank Tori and the entire Spend Culture team for having us on the show.  To read the full transcription and get more information on this episode, visit the Spend Culture podcast.