Who doesn’t like earning reward points? Every savvy explorer wants to find better discount business travel rates and cash back programs.

The problem is, it can be especially challenging to find the best corporate hotel programs. Lodging continues to be one of the highest ticket items when it comes to travel. Enter the “triple dip” approach. You might be familiar with the concept already – you combine A. credit card points, with B. cashback/rewards programs, plus C. coupon codes or rebates.

But how do you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck? Today we’ll cover how to max out your points, and how a group purchasing organization can save you an average of 26% on your hotels.

Dip 1: Get a High-Points Travel Credit Card

I think of triple dipping like a three-scoop ice cream cone. Individually the pieces are great but – put them together, and it’s incredible. For your first dip or “scoop,” you want to make sure you’re getting all the credit card points you possibly can. Because if you’re not currently using a credit card that provides excellent travel rewards, you’re leaving money on the table every time you take a trip.

There are tons of fantastic travel rewards credit cards on the market. For example, with the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, you Earn 10X miles on thousands of hotels. Similarly, Chase Sapphire Preferred offers some fantastic international travel benefits.

Discount Business Travel: How to Select a Travel Credit Card

A few things to consider as you choose your card:

  • Sign up bonus – many cards have a tempting sign up deal, where if you spend a certain amount within a couple of months, you get thousands of bonus points
  • Annual fee amount – not every card has one, but it’s worth double checking
  • Foreign transaction fees – if you travel globally, make sure there aren't any additional charges for each purchase made overseas, they add up fast

Once you’ve selected your credit card (or if your organization already has one), make sure you can use it. Meaning, if you can’t physically carry the card with you, make sure you can prepay your hotel room to get your points.

You may also want to make other large purchases on this credit card to rack up travel points faster. Just make sure to pay it off immediately. Below is a quick infographic to help you remember how to triple dip hotel points as part of your discount business travel process. 

Discount Business Travel How to Triple Hotel Points Infographic

Dip 2: Corporate Hotel Rewards Points

If your organization has corporate hotel accounts, you may be utilizing this already. Just about every hotel chain offers a unique customer rewards program.

We recommend enrolling in each hotel’s system to maximize your points fully. Whether you’re looking for loyalty rewards for budget business travel or luxury trips, you have options. Learn more about different types of hotel rewards programs here and here.

Discount Business Travel: Corporate Hotel Rewards Tips

  • Keep your personal and organization’s rewards numbers and logins safe and readily available, via a secure tool like LastPass
  • Make sure whoever does the booking has access to your information, or that you’re editing your reservations and adding your rewards number
  • Consider what type of perks are most valuable to you, ex. free room Wi-Fi, priority check-in, etc.

Dip 3: Hotel Booking Platform Points

The last dip/scoop is crucial. You may already be using a great credit card and logging tons of hotel rewards. But are you earning points through your hotel booking process? If not, you should be.

Remember your goal is the hotel trifecta: points through how you pay, from where you stay, and through how you book.

Discount Business Travel: Choose the Right Hotel Platform

  • Most importantly, use a platform that offers the best in class savings, for example, as a group purchasing organization, Una has a hotel solution that provides exclusive rates averaging 26% below public pricing
  • Look for a tool that allows you to quickly filter for your key criteria like price, ratings, and  long-term stay options
  • Use a booking platform that provides flexible cancellation rights, in case plans change
  • If you manage travel for your team, make sure there’s an easy group booking option
  • Look for a solution that provides painless direct billing and free spend analytics

Unlike most perks programs, with Una’s hotel booking platform, you don’t have to stick with one hotel chain to get lots of points.

We help you earn and use points at over 250,000 hotels all over the world. Plus there are no blackout dates to restrict when you use them, and you can apply partial-point redemptions. Learn more.

Here’s to safer travels, and better discounts. Like a triple scoop of ice cream, triple dipping on hotel points is oh so sweet. 

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