Chances are you have at least one area within your category management where you’d like to decrease spend, but you don’t have the time, buying power, or resources to make it happen.

Luckily, there is a startlingly simple way you can increase savings, which 90% of procurement professionals don't even know is an option. It's called a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). A good GPO is a buying solution that serves as an outside partner to help you improve your category management and supplier optimization strategy.

Here’s how a GPO can help you get greater discounts in 6 key purchasing categories.

GPO contracts increase your buying power

There are seven formal phases to the category management process, the second one being “opportunity identification phase.” Too often this phase is forgotten as the focus is redirected to negotiations or scoring RFPs. But GPOs can help you leverage new opportunities, giving you access to contracts you'd never be able to obtain on your own.

When procurement people first hear about UNA, some think "that's too good to be true, what's the catch?" But the truth is, there is no catch -- suppliers trade deep discounts for the high purchasing volume that GPOs bring in. (Learn more here.) In other words, UNA does the hard work, you save. As our CEO Anthony Clervi CEO put it:

"GPOs can help organizations save between 15 and 20 percent on spend. Almost anything a business could need, GPOs can get for a better price. Think printers, computers, company cars, desks, stationery, and even cleaning supplies. Find a GPO that get their costs covered by partnering suppliers and is free for your organization." 

How working with a GPO can improve your category management:
  • It’s an easy way to bundle your contract needs
  • You’ll significantly increase your buying power
  • The best GPOs are free and give you access to deep discounts
  • They also let you select suppliers à la carte and cancel any time
  • Contracts are pre-negotiated
  • You’ll improve cost containment and decrease indirect spend

6 category management savings opportunities 

Now you understand the gist of how GPOs work. But what kind of measurable savings can you expect to see? Below are six different categories you can start saving on in as little as a week, through UNA's pre-negotiated, discounted contracts. See UNA's full supplier list here.

#1. Save on facilities category management 

#1. Category Management Facilities Savings


#2. Save on logistics category management 

#2. Category Management Logistics Savings

#3. Save on IT & telecoms category management 

#3. Category Management Telecoms Savings


#4. Save on marketing category management 

#4. Category Management Marketing Savings

#5. Save on outsourced services category management 

#5. Category Management Outsourced Services Savings

#6. Save on travel category management 

Save on travel

#7. *Bonus* save on perks and entertainment 

While this isn't an official category, it is a great free benefit you can offer to your team, add to vacation packages, etc.

Bonus Category Management Bonus Savings

Learn more

A great procurement professional continually finds creative ways to reduce spend; a good GPO can help make it easier.  

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