Everything Businesses Need To Know About GPOs [Video]

If you're reading this -- congratulations -- you and your organization are already ahead of your peers. Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are one of those best-kept secrets that all businesses should know about. The best GPOs increase your purchasing power, reduce your bottom line, and give you access to better contracts and suppliers -- for free. But most companies don't even know they're an option.

That's why we created this 10-minute video. In it UNA CEO & President, Anthony Clervi explains everything your business need needs to know about GPOs including: 

  • What a GPO is
  • How businesses benefit from partnering with a GPO
  • And why they're not "too good to be true"

Don't have time for a video? Skip ahead to the key takeaways.

Watch the full-sized video here 

GPOs for business: key takeaways

#1. The most important things you need to know

  • Almost anyone can join a GPO, and most are free
  • They're very beneficial and very low-risk
  • The best GPOs give you on-demand access to highly discounted contracts
  • You should be able to select suppliers à la carte and cancel any time

#2. What is a GPO?

  • A GPO is a buying solution (learn more here) kind of like Costco for B2B
  • It's a"bulk" savings membership-style model, only you don’t have to pay a fee
  • This combined buying method can help any business save big on direct and indirect spend

#3. How do businesses benefit from partnering with a GPO?

  • Gaining leverage, GPO category spend is far higher than an individual business's
  • Partnering scales your organization's buying power
  • Accessing contracts and discounts you could never negotiate on your own
  • Increasing revenue by decreasing indirect spend
  • Saving time by not having to set volume, pricing, and terms
  • Getting free à la carte benefits and contracts

#4. Why GPOs aren't "too good to be true"

  • Most GPOs make money from their suppliers, keeping it free for organizations
  • So businesses and GPOs actually have symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships
  • The problem isn't selling businesses on working with a GPO (it's a clear cut win-win)
  • The problem is most companies don't know GPOs are even available

Bottom line, if you don't have the time, resources, indirect spend, or the manpower in certain categories, consider adding a GPO partner to your team. It's just another tool in your belt. As Anthony said, "It's no cost, and we go to work for you."

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