It’s that time of year when people are primed for fresh commitments, so it only makes sense to hone your association’s strategy to attract new members and re-engage existing ones. However, hooking a new member hinges on the value you bring to the table and how you communicate that value. By offering an affinity program, you’ll be providing custom discount packages that will save your members time and money on goods and services they use every day. Now you’ve got this excellent offering for members but are having a hard time getting people to take notice.

Promoting your affinity program across multiple channels can be simple and return high yields for your association using our three-step strategy:

Step 1: Create a Launch Strategy

Make it easy for your members to access information about the discount program offerings your association makes available. You can make this public on your site to attract new members or choose to make it a private URL so only those with the link can access it. Either way, it is best practice to create a unique page where members or potential members can get all the information they need, and sign up, in one place. You’re welcome to promote your member discounts program URL and specific supplier setup links on any/all of your social media channels, but if you are choosing to limit access to your programs to members only, we still recommend sharing your member discounts links in private social groups, which we will hit on later. Form any creative ideas for visual content, social platforms, email strategy or any other marketing ideas your team may have to get your association’s message in front of a broad audience.


Step 2: Website Promotion

Creating a public page on your website that talks about your benefits program, as mentioned above, is a great way to get new traffic to your association. We recommend placing a link to this page in your main navigation so that it is easy to find for anyone coming to your site. Use compelling content to describe your benefits program so that potential members who land on your page, convert. Increase conversion rates by placing a simple signup form on your page to capture new member interest and information without them having to leave that page.

Supplier Specific Website Promotion

Adding additional pages on your website that talk about each of the specific programs and their benefits will further educate your members on the value of the program. These pages will also give further insight into the activity and interest of your members through analytics, enabling you to tailor your offering and content to serve them best.


Step 3: Social Media Promotion

In 2017, 81 percent of Americans had a social media profile, which is why we highly suggest promoting your discount program on all appropriate channels of social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you wish to keep your URL private to only members, then we suggest posting to your private social groups. Creating a members-only Facebook group is an excellent way to engage current members or sending a LinkedIn message to potential members with the link to the discount program page might pique their interest.

Aside from an initial announcement, we recommend posting about the program and about the individual offerings frequently to maintain awareness of the program. As social media is shifting toward visual content, we suggest posting with an eye-catching image or graphic to grab attention. Social posts with visuals typically get 3x the clickthrough rates than plain text posts so don’t be afraid to pair your written content with something eye-catching. Lastly, post content that will add value to your members, not just push your product. Although, it never hurts to do both! For more information on social media marketing for Associations, read our Associations’ Guide to a Fool-Proof Social Media strategy.

If your association is looking for an affinity program at no cost and with no long-term commitment, you can start today and begin implementing this three-step strategy to attract new members soon!

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