As time and technology march onward, associations need to shift their marketing strategy to keep up with the times and their members. Not only are you competing for sight space on billboards, newspaper, and radios, now thanks to the digital age, marketing strategies include online advertisements, email, text messaging, apps, social platforms and more. Digital marketing requires a broad knowledge base and heightened strategic savviness, so the more marketing experts in the room, the better.

For those partnering with a group purchasing organization to create an affinity program, marketing assistance might be a part of the package. What most associations don’t realize is that utilizing a GPO as your affinity program partner often comes with excellent resources and marketing programs capable of executing targeted campaigns to drive existing members to and gain new member interest in your affinity program.

That’s not to suggest that all marketing would be done by a third party or that you would lose control of the overall marketing direction of your association. Quite the opposite is true. A GPO acts as a partner offering a fresh perspective and free resources. But how does it work?

UNA Purchasing Marketing Resource Example

By creating a custom branded portal specifically for your organization’s members to access, you can maintain member perceived value at no cost. From there, we’ll build branded marketing materials that will help educate your members on the value of the programs you’re offering. The assets are accompanied by a personalized marketing strategy to achieve maximum adoption for your association.

Custom Landing Page

This custom landing page will not only be branded with your logo, but it will also contain all the supplier offerings you hand select for your members. It’s the epicenter of the program and will allow your members to stay engaged with your brand and equate the value with your association. It’s simple to share the link with members with little instruction, and with its easy-to-use reporting, registration, and tracking, the data will be there to back us up. From assets to approach, GPOs can help you extend your reach and communicate the value you provide to your members.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Once the landing page is up and running, we help brainstorm a rollout campaign strategy to announce all the exciting new programs that are available exclusively to your members. Implementing this program is as simple as sending out some informative emails containing your member discounts link.

Unlike your association who has many demands on your attention, the primary focus of a GPO like UNA Purchasing is to know the saving potential for associations specifically. We take the time to study the membership model, acquisition marketing performance, tactics to increase member retention and of course how to save our associations money. We then apply that knowledge to craft targeted messaging for your members. With us taking care of all of that, you are free to focus on your association's mission.

Maintain Full Creative and Strategic Control

Why would this be a part of a group purchasing package and for no additional cost? Because a GPO relies on the growth and happiness of an association's member base, it’s in the group purchasing organization’s best interest to push out the programs and make members aware in the best manner possible to ensure the success of all. And a good GPO always looks out for the best interest of their associations. That’s why no campaign will be executed without the approval and praise of your association. You maintain control, reap all the rewards and get to avoid the monotony of the research and grunt work.

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