ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition

Last weekend, we traveled to Salt Lake City to participate in the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition where about 5,000 association professionals and industry partners gathered to exchange resources, strategies, solutions and more.

ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition

After setting up our UNA Purchasing booth in Expo Hall, we were able to connect with various association executives to talk about the value affinity programs can bring to their membership. Explaining how these programs can help them retain current members, gain new ones and create non-due revenue made for some fruitful conversations!

We also attended several educational sessions where association leaders spoke on various topics related to their particular organizations such as doing business with vendors and growing revenue streams.

The biggest take away for me was realizing that we have a great offering or for all of these groups. Every attendee seemed to be very dedicated towards the common goal of providing value and services to all of their members. Knowing that we can provide both value and service, encourages me to work hard in order to get the message out that we are a great partner for them moving forward. 

UNA Purchasing's booth at the ASAE Annual Meeting & ExpositionNot only are most associations open to the idea of affinity programs and GPOs, but many seem excited about the idea of a hands-off, ready-to-go membership benefits program.

Overall, we had a blast and enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many associations as well as getting to spread the great UNA news!


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