No matter your Association's industry, keeping your members engaged and satisfied is your top priority. We get that. That's why we've done the research and created an Association Affinity Program that will save your members money while providing them with top quality products and services. With no additional cost to your Association, you can offer savings to your members through our Affinity Program (and even create an additional non-dues revenue option for your Association). Beyond mutually beneficial cost efficiencies, our Affinity Program provides solutions to some of the toughest issues facing Associations today:

Affinity Program Solutions for Associations: Increased Enrollment & Engagement 

Issue: Association Competition

With the recent economic flux, many Americans have been evaluating which Associations to stay active in. Competition for Associations to display their membership value has increased, and thus the members may be involved in more than one Association, or worse, looking to drop more than one Association.

Our Solution

Position yourself as a competitive advantage via affinity programs. Offering consistent means for saving money on products and services that members are already purchasing will make you indispensable. Leveraging the collective needs of thousands of companies to secure your members' money on needed contracts with top-name suppliers will give you the competitive edge amongst Associations. That way you are not only adding financial value, but you are also giving them a competitive edge by partnering with your association.


Affinity Program Solutions for Associations: Leverage & Savings

Issue: Low Member Participation 

Members join Associations because of common need,
interest or professional affiliation. However, after a member joins, Associations often struggle to gather information about the member for enrollment and engagement purposes.

Our Solution

The more value and services your Association offers, the more attractive your Association will become to new members. Providing an affinity program to your Association members will save them both time and money, building trust and rapport, while encouraging more engagement.
An affinity program can have a substantial impact on your efforts to expand enrollments, with or without due requirements. The annual savings generated by the supplier programs consistently balances your association membership dues, resulting in added benefits to your membership offering.

Affinity Program Solutions for Associations: Recruitment & Retention 

Issue: Member Relations 

Associations tend to be a broad umbrella, spanning the tighter knit organizations to the larger groups with lessened ties to one another. While you have a group of people that have chosen to partner with your Association based on shared interests, participation might be low in your Association.

Our Solution

An affinity program can help grow and retain members through positive relationship. People want to save money. Cost benefits yielded by the cost-saving programs you are offering can build trust and good experience. That translates to word of mouth, which can increase retention. Providing a competitive edge for your members can foster loyalty to your Association. The programs and cost savings you are bringing to the relationship can help to keep members longer.

Affinity programs are more than just a tremendous benefit to your members; they can help your association by adding to your revenue stream.

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