Are you tired of searching for the best deals in purchasing for your practice or members? The cost comparison alone is time-consuming, and as an independent clinic or Association, your contract options are sometimes limited.

Whether it’s adding a benefit offering for your Dental or Veterinary Association members or saving some cash for your practice, joining a group purchasing organization could be a useful solution for your procuring needs.

GPOs pool the collective buying power of their members to leverage deeper discounts on behalf of their members. Here’s what you need to know about working with a GPO

1. They boost your bottom line

With a focus on purchasing in volume, GPOs accrue leverage to negotiate discounts with the suppliers you trust and then pass the savings on to you for your practice or association’s supplies, office equipment, and other essentials needed.

Hear what one of our valued members had to say about saving with UNA.

2. GPOs can open the door to better supplier opportunities

GPOs can offer cost-effective solutions for businesses and Association services such as health insurance, banking, credit card processing, office and janitorial supplies, and so much more!

Check out a full list of our vendors for more information.

3. More than money-saving

Saving money and time are two things GPOs pride themselves on providing to members, but they aren’t the only benefits of group purchasing.

UNA members can also get access to supply chain management, procurement partnership, cost comparison analysis, and state-of-the-art data and analytics for your Association.

4. You can customize your discount programs

Whether you are a Veterinary or Dental Association or private clinic, certain GPOs can customize your program to meet the needs of your members or practice. Pick and choose which suppliers you want to work with, what discount programs you need most.

5. Some veterinary and dental group purchasing organizations offer their services FOR FREE

From program customization to marketing to your members, UNA Purchasing is with you every step of the way, keeping money in your pockets. There are no minimum requirements for purchasing volume and no fees for our service. Learn more about how a GPO makes money if they aren’t charging you.

At UNA, our mission is always to exceed our customers' expectations while helping businesses and organizations save money on products and services they use every day from suppliers they trust.