GPO services save group purchasing organization members money on the everyday costs associated with running a business. This can include the costs of small package shipping, office supplies, food distribution, hotel discounts and more. While some GPOs stop at savings, we at UNA Purchasing go the extra mile to make procurement easier for members.

In fact, while the main service offering of a GPO is to combine the purchasing needs of hundreds of companies to deliver the lowest prices possible, GPOs add far more value to your business than saved cash.  GPOs can save you time as well!

Partnering with a GPO like UNA Purchasing means your company is saving hours of time that would have been spent on procurement processes. By offering these three services, we can help you create a more efficient purchasing strategy and a thicker pocket-book!

1. Cost Comparison Analysis

Let’s face it, you don’t have the time needed to research and analyze the cost of every supplier for every service or product your business needs, but the good news is GPOs do! They sort through data to analyze the different price points and maximize on your saving potential. At UNA Purchasing we offer this analysis for free through our extensive list of suppliers, saving you money and time!

2. Procurement Partnership

Supplier contracts need close monitoring and invoices need to be double checked, which means your company’s hours are spent managing existing partnerships. GPOs work as an extension of your company’s internal procurement department as an additional resource for efficient sourcing and contract management, giving you back those hours. We offer this partnership at UNA as an existing member of an established network of suppliers, providing you not only with a lower cost of goods but the highest quality connections.

3. Supply Chain Management

The ongoing management of supply chain activities can be costly, both in time and money for your company. GPOs can help standardize and streamline the purchasing process. We help manage all aspects of purchasing from start to finish, thus freeing your internal resources to do what your company does best!

Do services offered by GPOs save you money? Absolutely. We save our clients an average of 22% on their purchasing needs! But UNA Purchasing goes far beyond savings to ensure that your company is efficient in all aspects of procurement so you can focus on what’s most important- your company.

Find out more about the benefits UNA offers.

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