One of the easiest ways to bring maximum value to your association members is to find and implement an effective affinity program. However, you might not have the time or the resources to put together the type of affinity program that would meet the needs of your members.

Partnering with a qualified GPO that focuses on bringing practical benefits to their associations’ members will save both sides time and money. Here are the top 3 reasons why associations partner with GPOs to offer affinity programs.

1. Leverage

Associations cannot force their members to buy products from certain suppliers. Therefore they do not have any committed volume. Without committed volume, it’s nearly impossible to negotiate an effective contract with a vendor from not only a pricing standpoint but also a service standpoint.

GPOs can guarantee your association committed volume by combining your orders with thousands of other businesses orders to negotiate the lowest possible rates for your association's members.

2. Savings

Members want to save money. Who doesn’t? By collecting the buying power of thousands of other companies’ orders, you are ensuring savings for your members. While you might not have the connections to combine all these orders, GPOs do. They use the collective purchasing power of their clients to negotiate the best contracts with their suppliers.

But it’s not just the members that save. Some GPOs, such as UNA Purchasing, can return a portion of its administrative fees paid by the contracted vendors back to the association. Your association will enjoy an additional source of revenue that can be applied back to the association– or you can return it directly to your members based on their participation volume. The savings potential is endless!

3. Increased Enrollment

The more value and services your association offers, the more attractive your association will become to new members. Providing an affinity program to your association members will save them both time and money. This will build trust and rapport with your members in a way that can lead to significant enrollment growth.

UNA Purchasing is one of those GPOs you can bring in to help build your affinity program, and it can have a substantial impact on your efforts to expand enrollments for associations with or without dues requirements. The annual savings generated by UNA Purchasing contracts consistently balance your association membership dues, resulting in added benefits to your membership offering.

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