For associations, managing your member organizations and trying to maintain high satisfaction comes with plenty of challenges. If you have run into any of these hurdles, it may be a sign your association could use a high-powered member benefit affinity program:

1. Need Some Marketing Help?

Not only is implementing an affinity program entirely customizable by supplier partnerships, but we'll also create a tailored, white-labeled landing page, ready to onboard your members. The landing page will be specific to your Association and will be accompanied by automated emails marketing the new benefits to your members. We know marketing is an ongoing process, so let us help you put your best foot forward.

2. Lagging member engagement

Having a hard time getting members to engage? Give them something to talk about. Think about implementing a program that will cut back on the costs associated with their day-to-day business expenses, from travel to office supplies. Nothing get's people engaged like saving money on a regular basis!

3. Benefits block

Continually coming up with new benefits for your members is hard. Let us take some of the burdens. By offering your members an affinity program, you are offering them a consistent stream of savings from a list of top-rated suppliers. Implement an affinity program now; they'll thank you later.

4. Low non-dues revenue

It’s not just the members that save money with an affinity program. Some GPOs or affinity partners, such as UNA Purchasing, can return a portion of its administrative fees paid by the vendors back to the association. Your association will enjoy an additional source of revenue that can be applied back to the association– or you can return it directly to your members based on their participation volume. The savings potential is endless!

5. High member turnover

Tired of saying goodbye to members? Start building loyalty by saving your members money. By adding value to your members through a trusted discount program, you are basically putting money back in their pockets. Earn their confidence through consistent saving opportunities, making them more likely to stick around long-term.

6. Enrollment plateau

If you see a lull in membership enrollment, it might be time to spice up the value-added offering.  The more services your association offers, the more attractive your association will become to new members. Providing an affinity program to your association members will save them both time and money. This will build trust and rapport with your members in a way that can lead to significant enrollment growth.

7. Lacking leverage

Associations cannot force their members to buy products from certain suppliers. Therefore they do not have high committed volume. Without committed volume, it’s nearly impossible to negotiate an effective discount program with a vendor, from not only a pricing standpoint but also a service standpoint. An affinity program can guarantee your association committed volume by combining your orders with thousands of other businesses orders to negotiate the lowest possible rates for your association’s members.

8.Value In Question?

There is a lot of competition out there, and with the state of the economy, people are evaluating their bare-bones budget to see where cuts can be made. Don’t let your Association slip to the wayside. Prove your worth by providing a valuable overall membership package. Offer discounts on nationally-recognized providers that they can’t get anywhere else.

9. Member Satisfaction

If you find your members are hard to satisfy, maybe it’s time to implement an affinity program. From the customizable package to the extensive options, no one can keep a frown when they are saving cash!

10. Want To Save Money?

Associations and their members want to save money. Who doesn’t? By collecting the buying power of thousands of other companies’ orders, you are ensuring savings for your members. While you might not have the connections to combine all these orders, GPOs and association affinity partners do. They use the collective purchasing power of their clients to negotiate the best programs with their suppliers. If you want your Association and its members to save money, it may be time to implement an affinity program. 

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